Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Quest For Perfect Gait

Kinesiologists and biomechanical
analysts can study human Gait,
analyze different steps and strikes,
and diagram their findings--
but they have no models for
perfect gait.

They seem to understand that gait
is a huge key to health and athletics;
and that there must be a better way
to walk; but they have not yet
figured out the "how."

I've never actually heard anyone
stand up and say, "We have figured
out human gait, and perfect gait
looks like this --"

But I tell you right now:

Tai Chi stepping is far more advanced
than any gait synthesized in the West.
And BaGuaZhang stepping is far more
advanced than Tai Chi stepping.

BaGua is the most advanced form
of physical training on the planet.
I don't care what condition you are in,
it is far too difficult for you. Of course,
you can walk the circle, but you won't
be able to do it correctly for a long time.

I speak humbly in these superlatives.
I have been studying BaGuaZhang
for eight years, and still, it is too difficult
for my body. I learned BaGua stepping
8-years ago, but I have not practiced BaGua
for years. My teacher told me recently that
I should practice BaGua, so I started again.
The pain was incredible, and I had to stop
after two and a half months.

What is BaGuaZhang ?
That is a great question.

BaGuaZhang is a system of skilled
stepping, mostly in circular paths,
that fortifies balance and body to
levels not witnessed, much less
In the Chinese martial arts, many
consider BaGua to be the graduate
study of all martial arts.

In the movies "Crouching Tiger Hidden
Dragon" and "The Last Airbender,"
BaGuaZhang is depicted as the
ultimate in physical skill and power.
That's because it is.

BaGua is the zenith of human gait.
It is an ideal, because when someone
tries to learn BaGua, he can learn the
steps but he must practice them endlessly
to develop the essence and the skill.
And this skill is sheerly invisible to
anyone but a master of the skill.

I believe Victor Fu is the number one
BaGuaZhang teacher on the planet.
Check him out.

Some day they will put the electrodes
and GPS units on Victor Fu to analyze
his amazing ability to step. Someone
with more accolades and abbreviations
after his name than me is going collect
this evidence and echo what I am declaring

BaGuaZhang is the model for perfect gait.

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