Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Loss of One Joint

Let's say you're co-worker opens a grappling
gym, and you make the decision to start
going there on a regular basis. You're Grappling.

A couple months into the fun, a guy grabs
your hand in an awkward position, twists
and pulls on it to gain an advantage, and you
try to fight off the attack. Your ring finger dislocates
proximally at the metacarpal, and you cry uncle.
With your hand throbbing and on fire, you head
to the doctor's office. He ex-rays it and muds the whole
thing up in a cast.

So what's changed ?
You're not grappling anymore. And driving home
wasn't nearly as easy as the drive to the grappling
gym. Cooking dinner just got harder. Work just
got really annoying. Sleeping is tougher. Skiing
is out. So much of your life just got more complex
and time consuming because of that one little joint.

One elbow. One knee. Even the loss of one toe
can blow up everything you have going. This,
my friends, is from taking risk. When you practice
risky behavior and get injured, you find out the
hard way that your fitness plan wasn't sustainable,
nor was it so much of a plan.

Invest, don't divest.

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