Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Funny Bone of Health Care

You don't want to pay your taxes.
But you do anyway, because the
penalties for not are pretty stiff.
Begrudgingly, you "allow" the
I.R.S. to take a sizable chunk of
every dollar you earn.

Your government collects your
tax money, and divides it up for
expenditure, based on priority.
Safety comes first.

Yup, a whole bunch of the $$ goes to
the military. Think about it. Without
the impenetrable bubble the military
creates over our country, you would
be focused on your family's survival
every day of the week. You wouldn't
be whining about many of the things
that bug you right now.

So after your government pays for your
safety, it spends a big chunk of dough
on health care. $2.2 trillion dollars a year,
or $8000 per person so says the Whitehouse.

Now, the government's job is to use its
best efforts and brightest people to keep
the country in good health.  But U.S.
citizens don't take good care of themselves.
This raises the price of health care, which
comes from your taxes, which you didn't
want to pay in the first place.

So, every citizen's healthcare costs the
government a certain amount of money.
And the longer we live, the more we
cost. So with better health care, we will
live longer, and cost the country more
money, which comes out of the taxes
that we don't want to pay.
You follow me ?

At some point, your government has to
make tough decisions on how to pay for
everyone's health, even though folks won't
take care of themselves and they're living
longer and longer. Believe it or not,
the government does a better job taking
care of people's health than most people
do for themselves.

So what do U.S. citizens expect ? Evidently,
they expect to sit on the couch and watch
TV in a completely safe country where they
shouldn't have to vote or pay taxes. They expect
to live a long time-- despising the thought
of exercise-- but when their bodies do
break down and get sick, the good citizens
of the United States expect the government to
assure their health by paying the medical costs,
even though they poison themselves with sodas
and alcohol and foods full of MSG. They expect
the U.S. of A to try and wipe their asses while
they picket and chant and point their fingers at
the U.S. of A for doing a terrible job.

So what do I need to do ?
I feel like I should be banging pots and pans
in the street to get people to wake up ! We
are living in a fantasyland, where most will not
take any responsibility for their own health.
Worse yet, everyone wants the U.S. government
to simply handle it. But they don't want to vote,
pay for it, or do anything to help.

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