Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get Young, Stay Young

Western health science is based
on matter, its makeup, and
its functions-- and watching
the body run until it breaks.
Then it tries to fix it.

Eastern health science is based
on energy, and how to use it for
longevity, vitality, (power,) and
for healing. It empowers the body,
therefore warding-off sickness,
disease and injury--
all preemptive efforts to keep the
body from breaking.

If you're reading this, chances
are you understand only the
former, and very little of Eastern
health science. So I'll illustrate
for you.

Westerners don't think about
things in terms of energy; although
you know right away when you've
run out of it. Right ?

Consider the energy of conception.
Westerners don't think about sperm
and an ovum as having much energy.
But in fact, the energy of a single sperm
and a single ovum is so great and
powerful that it can CREATE a new
life, a new being. Where else can
you find that kind of energy ?

While you ponder the theory, I'll
let you in on a little secret. You still
have that kind of energy in your body.
The Taoists call it "pre-natal energy"
or "original energy." This is the same
energy that made you and keeps you

But year after year, you have less of it.
You probably sit too much. You're diet
might not be the greatest. You don't
exercise properly. So your hips are
getting stiffer, your breaths are getting
shorter, and your skin is wrinkling.
These are indicators that your original
energy is slipping away from you.

There is good news ! The Taoists have
developed ways to stop the clock, and
actually turn the hands backward. You
can rebuild your pre-natal energy with
special breathing, relaxation, posture
and movement.

Not only can you get it back, but you
can cultivate it to very high levels.
The best tool I know of is the internal
martial arts: Tai Chi, BaGua and
Xing-Yi Boxing. Collectively, these
are called "Wudang." (the rap band
Wu-Tang Clan named themselves
after these most-powerful of martial

What I like to say is this: the proof
is in the pudding. Check out this
video. First, guess how old this
guy is. Then guess again. He's no
spring chicken, probably about 70.
But watch how he moves. Watch
how flexible he is. See how powerful
he is. This is proof that Wudang is
the fountain of youth !

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