Friday, April 15, 2011

Unecessary $77.00 Dollar Medical Bill

I contracted strep throat.
I went to the doctor.
I hate the throat swab worse
than anything, seriously.
The culture was positive
for STREP; so she wrote
me a prescript for antibiotics.

I got rid of it, but somehow
contracted strep again after
three weeks. I went back to
the doctor, and told the
receptionist I didn't want
the throat swab. She implied
I would probably still get one.

When the tech came to swab
my throat, I politely requested
she go fetch the doctor. The
doctor came in, examined me,
and wrote me a second prescript
for a stronger antibiotic.
Staved it off, ha ha !

The billing line item from the first
swab was $77.00 from a place called
"Afterhours somethin er-other~"

When I went the second time, I had
to fight to keep it off the bill
(and out of my mouth !). I knew
what was wrong, and did not need
a fleeb-flarbin' throat swab.

More than half of all medical procedures
are unnecessary. More than half of all
hospital visits are unnecessary.
I'm not making this crap up, it's true.
Interesting crap link
Boring crap link

Ain't nothin' more expensive than health-
care in America. And that's because,
generally speaking, we are past the tipping
point of knowing how to take care of
ourselves-- and relying on the best medicine
we believe money can buy. Our healthcare
system costs $2.3 Trillion dollars a year.
You might need to read that again.

Active: I take care of myself
Passive: The system takes care of me

The U.S. has no standardized system of
personal heath. We have standards
for dental health, and we have standards
for performance, and we have standards
for society, and we have standards
for attractiveness and beauty.
But we have no standard for autonomous
care of one's own body.

Imagine if we took better care of ourselves
and cut our healthcare bill in half.
$2.3 Trillion X 0.5 = $1.15 Trillion

My teacher and I have devised a set of tools
like no other on the planet. We have created
a five-DVD box set of
Exercise for absolutely everyone
this should be the standard

Learn how to care for your body, then
Fire your Chiropractor ! Fix your own back !
Fight off unnecessary medical expenses !
Like frickin' throat swabs !
Forget Pharmaceuticals ! Take fewer pills !

Keep more money for yourself !

Click the Healing Exercise link !

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