Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easy-Fix Health Repair Kit

Look into the mirror and
acknowledge your desire to make
changes. Affirm that you are
awesome in your own capacity.

Admire what you see.

Don't drink coffee on an empty
stomach. Try to quit drinking
coffee altogether if you can.
If you cannot, try to cut it down.
I believe a nice substitute is
Ganocafe Classic, which tastes
like coffee, but replaces the caffeine
with something much better :)

Stop wearing shoes with heels.
Look at the side of the shoe.
The heel should not be thicker
than the material under the toes.
You can even try negative heels.

Reduce your food intake. Eat less.

Stay away from liquid calories
like soda, juice and especially
"energy drinks." Bad, bad.
If you feel like you need stimulants,
try Chinese herbs like ginseng
instead. These come in a wonderful
variety of drinks and snacks.

Eat onions every day. Green
onion, fresh ginger, cilantro and
garlic are the true health foods
of Fu Style.

Forget fitness. Stop jogging,
lifting weights, or doing any kind
of exercise that requires a lot of
strength. Instead, do Healing
Exercise like Rolling Stretch
every day.

Try to keep your knees and elbows
bent all the time. Never lock your
knees. Try to sit less every day. When
you stand, figure out which foot you
favor, and try to use the other one
instead (but keep that knee bent).
When you sit, try to do the
same thing with your buttocks.

Take time to breathe like this

Massage yourself. You can start
with a face massage; then try
deeply massaging anything you
think might need it.

Try acupuncture. Don't worry,
it doesn't hurt. And afterward,
you will feel amazing.

Old Taoist medicine prescribes
direct sunlight on the anus.
If you're not there, just try
to get some sunlight on your
skin occasionally.

Keep yourself sexually satisfied.

A cocktail late in the day is beneficial.

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