Thursday, February 13, 2014

PSAs & Mammograms Do More Harm Than Good

It's February 13, 2014.

And like so many facets of human
history, the CURE we created and
thought was perfect turns out to be

A humongous new study on the
effectiveness of mammography
indicates that it's not effective;
and worse yet, it's damaging.

If you don't like the format and
language of white papers, you
can read the distilled version
in the New York Times article.

Essentially, 90,000 women took
part in a 25-year study on the
outcomes of mammography. Some
say the study was imperfect,
especially "scientists" who want
to prove the opposite; but the
well-designed and enormous
study demonstrates a pretty
clear conclusion:

Annual mammography
in women aged 40-59
does not reduce mortality
from breast cancer beyond
that of physical examination
or usual care when adjuvant
therapy for breast cancer is
freely available. Overall,
22% (106/484) of screen-
detected invasive breast
cancers were over-diagnosed,
representing one over-
diagnosed breast cancer
for every 424 women who
received mammography
screening in the trial.

A three--year old study from the
U.K. basically said the same thing.

The para-conclusion offered in
conjunctive-opinion is that "more
money needs to be spent on research
to find out what causes breast cancer."

But that would be a waste too.

I'm going to shock you here, because
I know what causes breast cancer.
You will believe it, but can you
actually do something about it ?

Ready ?

Breast cancer is caused by folding,
caressing, sucking, biting, squeezing,
smooshing, (ugh) slapping, twisting,
pinching, and general idiotic abuse of
Dr. Steven T. Chang, who is both
a Medical Doctor and a Chinese
Doctor, has this to say about the

"The delicate intertwinings of
numerous capillaries, nerves,
lactation glands, lymphatic vessels,
and other delicate structures of
the breast are easily damaged by
improper handling. Any damage
to breast tissue can lead to
accumulations and blockages.
These can then lead to lumps, or
possibly cancer. (The breast is so
delicate that caffeine can cause
lumps and cysts to form inside
the breast, as was shown in recent
Therefore, the sensitive and easily
over-stimulated breasts must never
be mishandled by the woman or
her sexual partner. A woman's
partner should never BITE, SUCK,
or PINCH the breast. Contact
should be limited to a very gentle
caress or kiss.
The breast and nipple can, however,
accomodate themselves to a limited
period of stimulation, that is nursing.
Pregnancy will change the breasts
and nipples drastically, so that the
mother will be able to tolerate the
sucking of the baby. But even the
stimulation for which the breast was
designed must end after eight to ten
months. After (that) further sucking
will cause blockages to form."
(The Tao of Sexology, 1986
ISBN 0-942196-03-1)

if not worse.

I've already condemned the issues
that mammography and PSA tests
are "preventive health care." But
they are not, and should not be
considered viable and beneficial.

Preventive Health Care is taking
care of yourself. It is not something
a doctor can do to you or for you.

Warding off damaging hands and
mouths from your breasts is in fact
preventive health care.

Holding your semen instead of
preventive health care.

Use your mind and take better care
of yourself.


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