Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ejaculation: Throwing Your Life Away

The Taoists of China are the oldest culture
on the planet. They have had some 7000
years to observe nature, theorize, test,
and document what they learned.

Think about acupuncture. How in the
world did humans figure out that a tiny
needle pushed into a point two inches
below the knee can stimulate the stomach ?
Or that the health of the spleen can be
assessed by palpating a point on the wrist ?

The answer: 7000 years of experimentation.
(western medicine dubiously calls this

The Taoists have long-believed that energy
is the stuff of the universe (western science now
aligns itself with this theory). So the Taoists
look at the human body in terms of flow and
storage of energy (chi).

In both men and women, the most precious
life energy is in and around the sex organs. The
kidneys are said to give you the energy to move.
In a man, the semen is the most concentrated
and powerful energy he possesses (the Chinese
call it "yuan chi" or original energy). Makes sense--
it's rich in dietary nutrients, and powerful enough
to create another human.

As the most sophisticated animals on the planet,
we have devised ways to control pregnancy so
that we can take great pleasure in sexual intercourse
without creating new life. But we missed the
warning label:
"Discard of semen may be hazardous to your health"

Think about it: what happens to a man when he
ejaculates ? Can he jump right up and start doing
calisthenics ? No. He's totally worthless. It's because
he just lost his most valuable asset.

Before you get too alarmed (women) or upset (men),
I'd like to elaborate just a little:

1. It's fine for a young man to ejaculate. Young men
(under 30) replenish and rejuvenate very rapidly.

2. As a man gets older, there is a schedule of decreasing
frequency he should maintain. Once every two weeks
in his 30's, and even less after that.

3. There is a special point that can be pressed with
a finger that enhances male orgasm, BUT withholds
the semen, actually sending it somewhere else. When
this point is pressed, a man CAN do calisthenics right
after orgasm.

4. Practice of the Deer Exercise for men will lend the
ability to orgasm without ejaculation and without
the need to depress the special point (mentioned above).

The use of the special point (which lies in the taint)
comes with a big warning:
If you have a prostate infection, it could be harmful.
Someone commented (below) saying I am,
"endorsing prostate cancer." He was vague at best,
so maybe this is what he means... ?

For more information, leave me a comment.


  1. okay, so I'm intrigued. How does the deer exercise work. The best way of course.

  2. It's pretty simple, but has two parts. In a seated position, cup your testicles with your right hand and rub 81 firm counter-clockwise circles around your naval with your left hand; change hands: cup with the left and make 81 clockwise circles with the right (with pressure).
    Stage two: from any position, draw up your anus as if "sucking in." Don't clench, but draw it in and hold it for as long as you can. It will be difficult at first. When I did the exercise every day, I could hold for the count of 100, and would do it twice. You will feel a tingling sensation running up your spine.

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  5. how often should one engage in the deer exercise

  6. how often should one milk the prostate

  7. Insert your finger into your anus and gently stimulate your prostate. Directions to do this are everywhere. Chinese medicine has its uses, but chi is utter rubbish. We run on chemicals, not some B.S. energy.


    1. Well actually science is starting to prove that we actually run on energy and hormones are affected by it.

  8. The Deer Exercise can/should be a daily practice.

    We do not "run on chemicals" as this last person has posted. Just look at brain activity-- it's electro-magnetic. And muscle motor groups fire when they are electrically charged through sodium channels. When you die, those chemicals lie dormant and can not do anything without the electric charge also known as "CHI" or the B.S. energy referred above.

  9. the truth is always the best comeback

  10. coool dude teach me that shizzle

  11. I'm 25 and have been masturbating and ejaculating everyday for the past 10 years. It had ruined my life and I want to change.I'm on day 17 of semen retention and feel amazing.but I am getting pains in my pubic bone and feel stagnated down there any exercise I can do to counter the stagnation? Thanks

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  12. Hey Anon,
    Thanks for asking.
    Three things:
    1) I most recommend this exercise as the greatest thing you can do for yourself. It will definitely help numerous problems in your midsection:
    2) I asked my teacher about semen retention when I was 31. He said, "you're a young man. All semen go out, no problem." The Tao of Sexology book gives a periodic timeline of how safe it is to ejaculate based on your "physical age" (which is different than your actual age).
    3) If you depress the point during ejaculation, be sure to pee into a bottle in your next two pees. Let the pee settle and see if there is white stuff sunken in the pee. That means your point depression is off just a little and the semen is going into your bladder. I would buy "The Tao of Sexology" for more info.

  13. Hi everyone,

    I'm 36 married actually on my day 48 of SR and I simply can't believe all the benefits noticed at this point:

    -My eyes are not red anymore, sine I have memory suffered of red eyes during early morning and after 11pm and start to recover that green color I had 20 years ago.

    -My memory is so clear! working as a accounting assistant I can remember amounts, dates and numbers in a way I have never done before.

    -My chest is flatten and I'm loosing weight, in other forums some people talk to an increase in their eating habits but this is not my case.

    -My skin looks soften and tight.

    -I awake fast and ready even if I drink the nite before and just slept 3 or 4 hours.

    -In my work I'm more efficient and solve problems quickly due to this magic clear of mind.

    -My facial hair, nails and hair grows really faster! even my eyebrows but this is not a problem.

    -When I her music every song hears like the first time I've listen so clear and every instrument. retake playing instruments and my tools to do home improvements that had for years in stock.

    -The increase in energy is wonderful all the day is do do do!

    Between day 8-14 I felt like I will have a release in any moment and is hard at work but never happened (so good) and in some days a burning feeling in my penis worried me, other days a hard pain in testicles (around day 20-24)around day 25 a tickling little pain in the center of the chest that become a calming sensation days after but it seems normal and reported by people on SR that even got medical tests and everything OK.

    Everyday is a new experience during SR I could share more than 10 benefits more, thank you to all for reading and receive an advance sorry for any mistake on my English.



  14. How can I locate this special point you have been talking about??

  15. It is located between your scrotum and your anus, and easier to find when you have an erection. Use the point of your index finger to push in and find the indentation or small cavern. Depress your finger into the indentation just before ejaculation.

  16. I found that the longer i go on SR, the more painful it is to press on the special point because I'm holding back more and more semen. The pain is becoming a distraction from the orgasm itself. Any thoughts?

    1. My thought is that you may not be pressing the right point. Semen is created and stored in the testicles, and your body will regulate its production. I don't believe you will continue to produce semen such that it builds-up beyond a comfortable level.

  17. Tommy,
    You seem very defensive in the face of criticism, you know! I came to this blog after a Google search on 'semen retention and prostate cancer.' You may not know that at the moment men are widely advised that frequent ejaculation causes prostate cancer. So it is natural for people to wish to understand the contradiction between ancient and modern recommendatons. Especially when we are talking about life and death. So you should take the issue a little more seriously, instead of dismissing dissenters and wishing death upon them!

    1. Airguitargirl-- your comment starts reasonably, but ends pretty outrageously. When you consider who is advising men about frequent ejaculation. If you're implying Medical Doctors, you have to consider how Western Medicine (especially in the U.S.) is some of the worst in the world. A day of reckoning is coming:

  18. I meant to say 'frequent ejaculation PREVENTS prostate cancer.'

  19. You rock! Keep spreading the knowledge!

  20. thank you Tommy, appreciate your insight.

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  24. In recent years, I would spill once a year. The noticeable difference before and after are difficult to ignore. After around 150 days, the healthy vitality and overall strength of the body is unmistakable. I am now only interested in permanent SR. I understand that many approach this practice from the intellectual, but like all other practices, the evidence is in the experience itself.

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