Friday, January 15, 2010

The Power of Breath

Today, Power of Breath.

Go ahead. Say it ain't so.
Power is in the muscles, right ?
I'm goading you again, I know.
But where else does power
come from ?

I'm talking about power to
spike a volleyball. Power
to throw a heavy stone.
Power to chop wood. Power
to punch hard.
Explosive power.

Can breath have that kind
of power ?

What about sneezing ?
Even a very tiny person can
generate hurricane-force wind
with a sneeze. Enough power
to break ribs, rupture ligaments
and even explode the lungs.

If one does not relax during a
sneeze, or tries to stifle it, the
result can be deadly.

People laugh when they think
of Tai Chi as a martial art. The
slow practice could never produce
speed and power, right ? Wrong.

Tai Chi develops the power of

So if you still doubt the awesomely
devastating power of breath, I want
you to check out Bow Sim Mark (link).
This teeny-tiny, seventy-something
year old woman can
throw ANYONE across the room.

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