Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Greatest Exercise in the World ! !

In this blog, I give you the Greatest
Exercise in the World. But first,
I digress (rant). If you can't wait,
scroll down.

"Core Strength" is another fitness
industry, BS buzzword that drives
me nuts. Why ? Because structural
stability is so widely misunderstood.

Top Three Things Overlooked
in "Core Strength" Training:

Gray Matter
Trainers think of "the core" as a
solid chunk of muscle, inconvenienced
by two hips & legs. If you start with
the fact that the mid-section, or trunk,
houses more joints per cubic foot than
any other segment of the body, you get
the idea that it's not a dense "core;" it's
more like a theoretical Slinky. A joint
is where two bones connect via
tendons, ligaments and muscle.
The purpose of a joint is to provide
MOBILITY (Why You Should Exercise)

"Core Strength" training has involved
contracting various muscles of the
trunk & hips to obtain structural stability.
The new rage is "tri-planar stretching,"
which should increase one's mobility.
The question of how to increase mobility
while stabilizing the structure is a paradox.
But paradox can lead to all new understanding.

These is yer guts, which also reside in
"the core." Thirty-something feet of
intestines, multiple organs like kidneys,
spleen, stomach... you get the idea.
Squeezing these things with squats,
sit-ups and crunches does not do for
you what The Greatest Exercise will.

Gray Matter
This is yer brain. While most gray matter
is housed in the cranium, the brain-stuff
also extends all the way down through
your spine to the level of your stomach.
How does "core strength" training address
this paltry little phenomenon ? It doesn't.

Remember when I said,
"People can only exercise to the
level they understand?" Well,
this one is the king. This exercise
is more developed than anything--
and I mean anything ! It is, in fact,
The Greatest Exercise in the World !

A few tips for The Greatest Exercise:

At first, don't bend back too much
Keep your feet flat on the floor
Always bend both your knees, always
Right side, weight on right foot; left side, left foot
Again, don't bend back to much when this is new
Without further ado,
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet
Grandmaster Victor Sheng Long Fu:

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