Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sore Muscles? Here's The Magic Bullet

Two days ago, I skied a big powder
day at Snowbird. The Wasatch Mountains
had seen almost 50 inches of new snow
this week. The powder was thigh-deep and
I was rarin' to go! Ski Utah !

Skiing deep powder can be punishing.
Most people make five turns, then have
to take a break. I will typically ski from
top to bottom without taking a break--
but because it was my first powder day
of the season, I fatigued, and had to
stop once or twice each run.

Yesterday I was sore. My legs and
butt were achy, and I tried to avoid the

I did make a couple mistakes. First, I skied
a little too hard. Second-- and this is a big
one-- I took a long, hot shower when
I got home. Hot tubs and hot showers
exacerbate the trauma of strained and
over-trained muscles. This is a no-no.
Listen closely; don't do it.

From my days as a bodybuilder, I knew
exactly what would cure my sore legs.

The problem is, like carbs, not all protein
is created equally. People think eating
chicken is just the right thing. As an
iridologist once told me, "You might as
well eat the feathers."

Protein is the ultimate cure for over-training,
but it must be ABSORBABLE.
What proteins are absorbable ?

WHEY is the most absorbable protein for
the human body. For most, it's best to get
it in powder form so you can make a shake.
GNC or your local grocery store should have it.

The next most absorbable protein is egg white.
Here's the catch: IT MUST BE RAW. Just
as soon as you cook, blend, shake or even
stir an egg white, the molecular structure
changes significantly, rending it almost
useless to your body. For the ultimate protein
shake, follow this link:

I drank one shake yesterday afternoon,
and sprang out of bed this morning, ready
to get back on the mountain. It's still snowing,
and I'm gone--

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