Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why You Should NOT Exercise

We know we should exercise, but let's also

examine why we shouldn't exercise.

This is caveman cardio at its best. Jogging
is a mindless, hamster-on-a-wheel activity
that has been scientifically proven to damage
the knees, ankles and feet. Jogging offers the
greatest diminishing return of any exercise--
meaning, the more you do it, the worse it gets.
It is punishing to a woman's hormonal balance.
It is sheerly unsustainable; you WILL QUIT JOGGING.

Excessive jogging destroys the immune system.
Marathoners are some of the sickest people around.
In 2002, three brilliant, "fit" physicians from John
Hopkins University died while jogging:
(Frederick J. Montz;David A. Nagey; Jeffrey A. Williams)
How could this happen to three medical doctors
from one of the best hospitals in the country ?
If they didn't know better, how will you ?

Weight Lifting
Weight-lifting serves to isolate the contraction
of specific muscles or muscle groups in order
to make the muscles bigger and stronger. Because
the major focus of "fitness" is muscle strength,
the elasticity of the connective tissues takes a
major backseat. Weight-lifting shortens the tendons.
Let me say that again. Weight-lifting SHORTENS
THE TENDONS. Ever heard the term, "muscle bound?"
Sustainable mobility is critical to the second half
of your life; you will most likely quit lifting weights
before you are 50.

Overtraining with weights can cause a large
array of problems like depression, chronic
fatigue, insomnia, headaches, decreased
immunity, irritability, and an increase in injuries.

Don't even get me started about eating. Body-builders
eat 12,000 plus calories a day to support those muscles.
Wanna know what happens later ? Just look at Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger (he's really fat now!). Can anyone
believe that guy was the Chairman of the President's
Council on Physical Fitness and Sports ?

Dumbells. Just think, "DUMBELLS."

While gentler on the joints than jogging or juggling dumbells,
"cardio" exercise can be a crippler too. Swimmers think
swimming is the greatest thing ever; but put a swimmer on a
soccer field and watch him get hurt. "Step" aerobics will
stiffen the hips & back, and reduce mobility over time.

Bicycling is another hamster-on-a-wheel exercise; it offers
very little range of motion, and will stiffen the hips and
back like few other movements. Bicycling is horrible for the
health of a man, as his weight rests between his legs.

Rowing machines are very hard on the spine, and will also
stiffen you up later in life. Most machines will also do
the same.

But don't lose hope just yet...

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