Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Menstruation: Not Mandatory

I throw a crazy title out there, and
it gets you to bite. If you've read
my other blogs, you find I have
a pretty intelligent explanation for
these "wacky titles."


Sounds a little like,
"Men's frustration." Hmm.

Imagine for a moment that a woman
now has the choice to menstruate or not.
Many women would choose to continue
to menstruate because they already have.
They feel it's normal, and natural, and
that it's a time of cleansing.

But let's look at the other side of it.
Blood is very important to your body. Duh--
even I feel stupid saying that. You wouldn't
cut your finger just to see it bleed. No. We
have an innate sense of doing the best job
we can to keep our blood inside our bodies.
Red blood is a vivid sign of losing life.
Just like cutting your finger, a woman loses
vital energy, vitality and nutrients when
she menstruates.

So if a woman flipped a switch and stopped
menstruating, she would feel a lot better. She
would also have birth control at her fingertips--
without the risk and hassle of supplemental
hormones. Imagine how much money you
would save on feminine pharm and products.

Is it possible ? MOST DEFINITELY !

The Taoists have an ancient technique called
The Deer Exercise that will halt menstruation
in most women in two to six weeks. It is a
simple exercise that only takes a few minutes
a day; not only does it feel good, but it also
boosts the immune system and seriously
slows the appearance of aging (ever wonder
why Chinese women age so gracefully ?).

The Deer Exercise is natural too.
Your teeth don't brush themselves.
Your body doesn't exercise on its own.
Practice of the Deer Exercise is just like that.
It's awesome technology for a woman's health.

Lots of sources for the Deer Exercise can
be found on the internet, and they're not all
the same. If you want the very best reference,
ping me.

Ejaculation: Stop Throwing Your Life Away


  1. Women's bodies are meant to menstruate. Messing with nature like this is a great way to get yourself hurt

  2. does any woman have information on loss of chi with female ejaculation? is it the same as men? i noticed my joints and connective tissue feeling painful and tiredness since being in a sexual relationship..