Friday, January 8, 2010

Child's Exercise Is Better For You?

"People can only exercise
to the level they understand."

When you were in second grade PE class,
the gym teacher had you learn jumping
jacks, sit-ups, maybe push-ups, shuttle
runs, and some games like kickball.

If you had been suddenly whisked-off to the
Blue Lagoon and received no more physical
education, you might continue those exercises
(but you certainly would not develop new ones).

Are sit-ups and push-ups enough to live
a long and healthy life ? Are they enough
to give an adult real "fitness?" How about
to become a top-echelon professional athlete ?
Come on, say, "no," oh please, say, "no."

Then check out Herschel Walker.

Oh, maybe you've heard of him. In high school
football, Walker rushed for over 3,000 yards, took
his team to their only state championship, and
won the Dial Award for the national scholar-athlete
of the year. He was widely considered one of the
greatest college football players of all time, and
won the Heisman Trophy his junior year at the
University of Georgia. As you can imagine, Walker
also had a long & illustrious career in the NFL, and
will forever remain an athletic legacy.

Walker claims he was a tubby kid who got picked
last for sports, and that his sister always beat
him in running races.

So how did he train to become a legendary athlete?
Sit-ups and push-ups.

Do not underestimate the physicality you can
obtain by simply using bodyweight exercises.

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