Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Body Fat Mitigation

Of course, there are reasons to lose
body fat, like when your clothes no longer
fit you. That's just practicality.

The process of losing body fat is not
that tough. But I see people screw it up
all the time.

To lose body fat, you only need three things:
  1. a little knowledge
  2. a lotta willpower
  3. to exercise
Losing body fat is 90 percent dietary, and
this is the gospel:
Only Drink Water
Eat Much Less
Take Vitamins (One-a-day or daily-packs)
Sugar is the Enemy

Read nutrition labels and Cut Sugar out
of your diet as much as you possibly can.
The hard part is knowing what sugar is.
Sugar, sucrose, glucose, corn anything,
syrup (including corn syrup), molasses...

"Carbs are bad," oh me, oh my !
The thing is, not all carbs are created
equally. Read labels, and get comfortable
with the Glycemic Index. You see, carbs
are either sugary or fibrous, or somewhere
in between. The Glycemic Index is an
elegant guide to understanding a
food's sugar density.

For example:

NOT Making You Fat (Low GI):
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta (yeah really, Pasta)
  • Pumpernickel and pita
  • Sweet potato
  • cottage cheese
  • Most fruits and vegetables
  • Fish and shellfish
Making You Fat (High GI):
  • Rice cakes & corn chips
  • Potatos (white, red, new)
  • Most breads
  • Bran flakes (Raisin Bran & Total)
  • Beef, cheese, peanut butter
  • >Gatorade, and sweetened juices
  • plus candy, donuts & junk-- but you knew that
Vitamins should be taken with a little juice;
do not take vitamins within two hours of
any dairy, like milk.
I will mention here that some "fat burning"
supplements can really help; I recommend
Caffeine-free Hydroxycut. Many other brands
can be horrible and torturous.
Drink lots of water. Do not drink coffee,
especially on an empty stomach.

Alcohol: see Willpower below.

Make the decision to lose body fat.
Do the things I'm suggesting here.
Stay with it for at least 4-6 months.

You've been eating junk and drinking
alcohol plenty, plenty, plenty. Take
a break. Lose some weight. Feel better.

Don't drink alcohol.
One of the dumbest mistakes I see is
people trying to lose weight by taking
fat-burning supplements, but they won't
stop drinking alcohol.
Alcohol is fattening.
Alcohol is sugar.
Alcohol inhibits digestion.
Alcohol is bad for fat loss.
Don't drink alcohol.

This is not as important for fat loss as
"fitness experts" profess. Just exercise.
Pick something, and do it 20-30 minutes
a day, at least five days a week. Just do it.

Tomorrow, I will give you the greatest
exercise in the world, absolutely free.

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