Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fire Your Chiropractor !

I know that sounds a bit inflammatory.
And I also admit that chiropractors
helped me with pain many years ago.
But that was before I learned how to fix
my Self.

Since I was a child, I've always cracked
my knuckles. A medical doctor once
told me not to crack. He said, "it will
give you enlarged knuckles and
eventually lead to arthritis."

I started lifting weights and playing a lot
of volleyball back in college. By the time
I was 22, my neck was pretty screwed up.
A good friend knew how to "crack" my
neck the chiropractic way, and that
relieved the pain.

A few years later, I had the privilege of
talking with a very famous orthopedic
surgeon about cracking (knuckles, neck,
spine, whatever); he said,
I believe his opinion carried a lot more
weight than the M.D. who told me
‘cracking is bad.’

When I was about 28, I hurt my back
snowmobiling. At that point it was easy
for me to go see a chiropractor and get
the snap, crackle, pop I needed to relieve
the pain. I only had incidental back pain;
but my friends who saw a chiropractor on
a regular basis all said the adjustments
were critical to their daily comfort
but they also seemed to agree that the
relief is always temporary.

When I was 31, I started learning Tai Chi.
My teacher recommended a special
warm-up exercise he called “Rolling
Stretch.” When I did that exercise, my
back & neck popped and felt a lot better.
When I practiced Tai Chi,
ankles, wrists, shoulders, neck, fingers,
knees, hips, EVERYTHING ! In less
than two years, the neck pain was
completely gone, and strangely enough,
I stopped catching colds and the flu.

I don’t want to trash chiropractors TOO
much. I just want to point out that the
“remedy” a chiropractor provides is also
one that almost always demands that you
go back for more. So in that light, it’s not
really a remedy; it’s temporary relief
requiring periodic, repeating treatments.
And those cost money.

I would love to teach you how to fix
your Self. I have lots of free videos
available on the internet, and inexpensive
videos on DVD. Imagine how much
money you could save by
firing your chiropractor.

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