Monday, January 18, 2010

How To Relax ax ax ax...

To say that physical relaxation is misunderstood

among mankind is to understate it in astronomical


Since you and I can't really communicate because
I'm writing and you're reading, you can't give me
a direct answer to my question:

But I can guess what your reply might be.



Shopping ?

A hot bath and a good book ?

Prescription drugs like Xanax ?

When I asked a friend of mine, she said

she relaxes by swimming. She puts her ears in the

water and floats. This is a good idea, but still not

the kind of relaxation we are capable of.

The human body harbors amazing amounts of

tension. We manifest psychological anxiety and

tension in our bodies, especially in the waist and

hips. We also sit way too much.

Want to know why your neck hurts at the end

of the day ? It's because your hips are tight.

They are simply PULLING on your neck.

High-level relaxation requires special movement,

and special training. These only come from Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is an academic pursuit that teaches the body

profoundly different sets of study and practice.

It requires that you come to understand this paradox:

You must concentrate on relaxation.

The great Tai Chi master, Fu Wing Fay said,

"Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of profound art where you

use your intent (mind) and not your strength. Our

chi and mind (or intent) is the master, and our flesh

and bones are but servants." Because of this, when

you practice, your whole body should be completely

relaxed. There should not be a single iota of brute

strength remaining within your bones and sinews--

your blood adds pulses to bind your body. Only then

can you lithely affect changes, and spin around as

you wish."

Think about it. Every movement you make every

day requires that you use strength or brute strength.

So how can you go from using nothing but strength

to using no strength whatsoever ?

The answer is deep relaxation.

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