Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Those Heels, You Look Mahvelous !

Do you remember those old Saturday Night
Live episodes when Billy Crystal played
Fernando Lamas ? He exaggerated like
crazy, and spouted the famous line,
"It's better to look good than to feel good, Dahling."

Our culture overemphasizes beauty and
aesthetics at the risk of personal danger.
Many people will read this blog and ignore
it completely. I'm here to tell you:

Those heels are killing you !

To clarify, I'm not just talking about four-inch
stilettos, wide-heel pumps or ankle boots.
And I'm not just talking about women.
I'm talking about ANY and ALL shoes with
a raised heel:

Loafers, cowboy boots, clogs, EVEN NIKES !
I'll bet most of the shoes you own have a heel.

You see, the incline heel wrecks your posture
by pushing your body-weight forward, forcing
your knees to bend and your hips to flex (into
duck butt). This in turn forces your spine to
curve in exaggeration and throws everything
out of whack.

If you look at a human skeleton, the weight of
our bodies comes down onto the heel. Balance
lies in the heels, not the balls and toes of the foot.

Taoists wear flat shoes. My teacher's grandfather
was the greatest warrior in all of China, and the guy
wore slippers (his name was Fu Zhen Song...).

Do yourself a huge favor and cut your wear
of heeled shoes down as much as you possibly
can. Go try on a pair of Earth negative heel
shoes (they put your heel lower than the rest
of your foot). I also like Keen shoes because
if there is a heel, it ain't much.


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