Sunday, January 24, 2016

Athletic Performance Models - The White Stuff

Have yourself a good look at the
image above. What do you see ?

The red muscles jump right out
at you. If you have any education
about the muscles, your mind
starts to piece together how the
muscle groups actuate and move
the bones using the joints as
fulcrums and levers.

But MUSCLE-BOUND does not
denote "bounding with muscle,"
or even "muscular and strong."
Muscle-Bound means "having the
muscles large, overstrained, and
inelastic, as by overexercise; it
means tied up with one's own
muscles. The overdeveloped muscles
actually inhibit range of motion.
The fastest sprinters never look
like power lifters, and neither
do figure skaters or ballerinas.

This is what I like to call the
"Nose Plumb," and I want you
to adopt this idea for yourself.
From a side view draw an
imaginary line from anyone's
nose straight down to the floor.

If the nose-plumb line lands
out in front of the feet, or even
on the toes, it indicates a real
tendency to lean forward--
and a real ignorance of the
White Stuff, or connective

This is commonly termed the
"athletic stance," or a return
to a state of correctness. But
you don't have to think hard as
to whether or not this body
position is balanced sagittally--
or front to back. This guy
is forward, and he ain't going

And it's nearly ubiquitous.

Weight is on the toes.

Even this guy--

What if I told you that a real
parallel universe exists where
the red muscles in this image are
not the important parts. What if
I said, "focus on the white parts.
They are the most important."

After all, if the tendons do not
function correctly the muscles
do not matter.

Did I lose you ?

Did you say, "Yeah, tendons.
Okay, so what ?"

If you did, you're going to have
to stretch out your mind now
and use your imagination.

Old Shaolin illustration attempting

to explain the spirals of the tendons

So, imagine the ability to rest
your weight comfortably on
your system of tendons. Imagine
relaxing deeply and expending
very little energy in maintaining
an upright position, or even an
athletic stance with your knees

The iliotibial bands (that wrap
helically around your legs)
stretch and suspend your weight
the way a hammock does.

Your spine is straight and bears
the weight of the upper body

Your muscles relax deeply--
except those wrapped around
your pelvis.

Your weight is on your heels.

With a little imagination (and Photochop)
this is the same guy back to back
with his exact doppleganger--
but the one on the right has some
of the skills to correctly take
advantage of the White Stuff:


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