Sunday, February 28, 2016

Athletic Performance Models - Celebrating Flexible Structure

So back to the muscle guy image,
the white parts, or connective
tissues are vitally important to the
nature of movement.

Let's call the guy on the left Athletic Stance.

Guy on the right we'll call Horse Stance.

Look at this anterior view and match it up
in your mind with the Horse Stance

Horse Stance relaxes the muscles and
allows the weight of the body to rest
on the tendons. To say this is "different"
than the common practice is a gross

With the weight resting comfortably on the tendons,
the body has considerably more tonus, or state of

This facilitates movement in ways Athletic Stance
can never know.


  1. I've learned Chinese martial arts for one and a half years. One of my “ji-ben-gong” is “zhan zhuang” (also called horse-riding stance). Good information here, Nadia

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