Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Down 14-Pounds In 3-Weeks

I'll tell you how, but first I want
to tell you:
A. I am the master of losing weight
B. I'm not done yet
C. (this is important) I am in no
better "shape" now than I was
three weeks ago.

So, how do I lose body fat ?
It's 95 percent diet. Yes, you
do need to exercise if you want
to lose body fat; however, your
unyielding willpower must be
absolutely focused on what you
put in your mouth.

First (and this is not an advertisement),
when I want to lose body fat, I buy
three bottles of caffeine-free HydroxyCut.
The name sounds terrible, seemingly
implying that this product is comprised
of harsh chemicals and such, but
it's not. It's mostly green tea extracts.
I take two pills when I get out of bed,
wait an hour, then make an omelette
with two eggs, green onions and maybe
some mushrooms or red peppers. I take
my GNC vitamin pack with about
three ounces of juice.

I have weened myself off lunch. You
can do it too; you just need to eat dinner
a little earlier. Drinking water all day
helps a lot. In fact, other than juice with
breakfast, I don't drink anything else.

Some time around 3:00, I take two more
pills. The around 4:00, I make a great
salad. First iceberg, then spinach, then
either broccoli slaw or cabbage slaw,
then cucumbers, red peppers, fresh
cilantro, (sometimes Roma tomatoes)
two tablespoons of light dressing,
plenty of gorgonzola, several shakes
of real bacon bits, some dried berries,
dried coconut, sun-dried tomatoes,
several dashes of green Tobasco,
and lots of black pepper. I like to
give myself four or five Whoppers
for desert.

If I get hungry later, I eat a can of
white tuna, or sardines in hot sauce.
Protein in small quantities is the
name of the game.

Some nights, around 9:30, I will eat
a small bowl of Raisin Bran with
1% milk. This is a sugary snack, but
seems to help keep my bowels moving.
I don't eat very much of it either.

As far as exercise, I do follow a
regimen of approximately 60-minutes
each day--
but I'm doing Tai Chi and calisthenics,
not lifting weights or beating my brains
out somehow.

This is why I say I am in no better shape
than before. I have lost body fat, but
I am negligibly more capable than I was
three weeks ago. In fact, I took a "before"
photo with my belly hanging over my
pants, and it doesn't mean a damn thing.
Three weeks ago, I was in the best shape
of my life, and I still am.


  1. I am so interested in loosing body fat right now, but am not willing to compromise my heatlth to do it. So, I have a few questions for you, since you seem to be very into health as well. Do you use the hydroxycut temporarily just to get you to your goal, or do you always take it as a supplement? How do you maintain once you've reached your goal? Are you concerned about heart health with eating eggs everyday? I've heard adults shoudn't eat eggs more than once a week. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I think you have an excellent understanding
    of health, and you understood this blog.
    Loss of body fat should be a short-term
    push; Hydroxycut is part of that push, and
    ends when the push is over. I recommend
    a 60-90 day push, followed by at least 60
    days of "normality." The push will be
    uncomfortable, wrenching you with hunger
    pangs until your stomach shrinks. You simply
    must not break your focus. Even one day of
    cheating will cost you 1-3 days to get your
    engine hot again to start burning fat.
    Maintenance comes on the wings of erudition.
    Read my:
    and familiarize yourself with the glycemic
    index. Diet has become a dirty word, but it
    just means controlling what you eat. I will
    write a new blog today about vegetables.
    My father is an M.D.; we both loves us some
    eggs. He told me 20 years ago that if I stayed
    active and exercised, yolks every day would
    not hurt me. I haven't had my cholesterol
    checked, but maybe I should. He's been
    wrong before. If someone felt he or she
    shouldn't eat eggs, there are other low GI
    breakfast foods like steel-cut oatmeal.
    One more bit of advice:
    I met this Olympic luger in the fat loss
    isle some years ago in Park City. We talked
    about supplements, and he told me a great
    thing. He said that when you want to lose
    body fat, you need to work it with your fingers.
    New research shows the efficacy of touching
    and rubbing problem areas (like sore knees).
    When you get right into your fat deposits
    and work them with your fingers, they do
    seem to break down faster. It's a mind to
    to body connection thing.

  3. Wow- thanks for the great info. Can't wait to get started & give it a try! I'll let you know how it works for me. You may be interested in my D.O's blog too:
    She does alot of mind body connection & I think it's the answer to most problems. Give your beautiful wife a hug from me!