Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meat & Vegetables

Lots of kids don't want to eat their
vegetables. With taste buds all over
their little mouths, vegetables can
seem bitter, or spicey or just gross.
I for one could not stomach raw
tomatoes because they reminded
me of garbage. Mushrooms tasted
like dirt, and olives were just
crazy gross.

But when you get to be an adult,
veggies start tasting better and better.
Onions become a staple of flavor.
Artichokes seem delicious. And
things like sliced cucumbers and
avocado are a delicacy.

So many men are really into their
meat. My brother in law won't eat
vegetables, only meat. And he likes
it spicey... which comes from hot

Think of it this way. When you go
to Subway, the breads are good,
and you order your favorite meat.
But what really excites you is having
the plastic-gloved clerk load up
your sandwich with fresh veggies.
You know exactly what you want
when you walk through the door.
And it's the veggies that give your
sandwich the awesome flavors.

"Lettuce, tomato, green peppers,
yellow peppers, jalepenos, cucumbers."

Raw vegetables are alive. When you
chew a piece of red bell pepper, or
onion on a burger, you're eating a
living organism. This does a number
of good things for you.

The people of Okinawa live longer
than anyone on the planet. When I was
there, I asked a bunch of them why.
Almost every time, the answer was
that they eat a lot of seaweed, and
small amounts of pork. Each of them
seemed to think the small amounts of
pork is very important.

I don't recommend vegetarian or vegan
diet. The reason human brains have
so developed is because of eating meat.
2 million years of protein has turbo-charged
our cerebrums. Conversely, our early
ancestor Australopithecus was vegetarian,
and became extinct about 2 million years

The point of this blog is merely to suggest
a ratio of meat to vegetables.

Try to eat mostly vegetables and small
amounts of meat. In fact, you can probably
eat all the vegetables you want (although
corn is pretty high on the glycemic index).
Eat fruit, but remember that fruit is generally
more sugary than veggies. And eat some
meat. Okinawans recommend pork. Sometimes,
my body craves beef; so I'll eat lean beef,
but not too much of it. Eating fish seems
to help me lose body fat. I eat poultry, but
try to keep that in check also.

Go buy a nice red or orange bell pepper
and eat it like an apple.

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