Friday, May 14, 2010

You Are Born Of Energy

When you're green, you're growing.
When you're ripe, you rot.
So what is the difference between
growing and rotting ?
Growing is cultivating energy.
Rotting is the loss of energy.

Pinch yourself.
Go ahead and do it.

At the molecular level, your
skin looks like this:
What you see is matter.

But at the atomic level, matter
is comprised of atoms which are
mostly energy, and very little "stuff."

When you are dead, your body
lies motionless-- a lump of decomposing
matter. When you are alive, you
have energy; you move and breathe
and make decisions. In fact, the
human brain is so vast and complex,
it is rarely denoted or connoted as
simply a mass of "grey matter." It
is the movement of electro-magnetic
energy that makes it "a mind."
The body is exactly the same.

So why do you think about your body
as a mass of carbon-based matter ?
This is simply what you've been taught.
Most movement and exercises are practices
based on the concept of matter.

But when you practice Fu Tai Chi, you are
learning a completely different basis for
movement. Forget that you have bones.
Forget that you have muscles. Forget that
your earthly form is constructed of matter.
Instead, think of your body as a circuit of
energy with an awesome battery in the center.
Because it is.

The Chinese call life energy "chi." Practice
of Fu Tai Chi (and Chi Kung) cultivates energy.
Western doctors and trainers dispute the
existence of chi because they can't see it,
touch it or measure it. But they have the
same dilemma about death: what does
a living person have that a dead one
doesn't ? Energy. Chi.

When you're born, you breathe deeply.
As you get older, your breaths become
shorter and shorter. When you die,
you don't breath anymore.  Air is chi.
Wind is condensed chi. A tornado is
a powerful issuance of chi.

When you practice Fu Tai Chi, you learn
to breath in a sophisticated way that
cultivates and stores energy. When you
develop these skills, you eliminate
illness. You can do more in a day.
You will live longer and healthier.
And you can use the chi for many
different applications such as speed,
power, grace, accuracy and endurance.

Matter doesn't really matter.
Develop your energy.

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